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Class of Nuke 'em High 1986

Class of Nuke 'em High (1986)

Contains Spoilers!

Well firstly it's a Troma movie and if you haven't seen one yet maybe you should especially if you like over the top acting, ridiculous cheesy plots and loud scenes and music.
More of a comedy horror than a classic horror, it does have some sex scenes and is over the top gory.

Set in a high school less than a mile away from a nuclear plant we follow young lovers Chrissy and Warren who after being tricked into smoking some radioactive weed, which was sold to their friends by the 'Cretins' a gang of drug pushing radioactive goth punks, start to have strange life like hallucinations about being pregnant and turning into a strange creature.

The effects of the film are extremely cheesy and fake looking, however they are from 1986 and even though they look bad now they are still well done and did have a lot of thought go into them.

Chrissy 'gives birth' to a slimy tadpole creature who after running around the school drains grows into a huge nuclear waste producing creature that lives in the school fallout shelter. Warren who himself turns into a muscular (also nuclear waste producing) mini hulk who skulks around town killing off the Cretins who sold his friends the drug. This is all news to them when they 'wake up'

The creature effects are as you'd expect, cheesy, over the top and very outdated but they are done with humour and the creature design is quite creepy if you can look past all the ooze.

To get their revenge the Cretins take over the school, kidnap Chrissy and just generally run amok, which of course leads to the classic horror tactic of young people running around desperately trying to escape whatever chases them, in this case the Cretins who are in turn being chased and killed by Chrissy's creature. It all ends with the creature killing everything in sight then being blown up by a laser which doesn't just kill the evil creation but also blows up the school.

But it isn't all bad graphics, cheesy scenes and over the top acting, the dialogue is fun, the film has a definite 80's look and feel and the music is loud and catchy.

Overall it's a great comedy with horror elements and definitely worth a watch.

Best phrases/dialogue:

   'It may just be my woman's intuition you guy's but somethings going on!'

'Eggs and spam'

'This is going on your permanent record'

'Holy shit, what is all this green stuff!'

Cheesiest Scene:

The whole sex scene.

Scenes to watch for:

The fist down the throat scene.

People dropping from exposure to radiation and just being stepped over.

The hand through the skull monster scene.

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